HZM Coin – The Firm and Resilient Journey from Arabia to The World


Credit cards have made it extremely common for people in the West to carry no cash; some even depend on their cell phones for Apple Pay. In the Arab World, however, it is still more common to pay in cash. Sometimes, it is the only method accepted. But cryptocurrency has allowed people to move money into a digital format while profiting from their investments.

There are numerous benefits to digital currency, such as simplicity, speed, cost, and the lack of corruption. In recent years, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity and acceptance among the younger generation. The HZM coin represents the Arabic crypto's first real progress in the crypto market.

With the ability to change the world as we know it, HZM is the Future of Cryptocurrency in the Arabian World. Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have simplified peer-to-peer currency trading [1]. The time has come to harness the potential of cryptocurrency to take our daily business to the next level.


As the first Arabic cryptocurrency, HZM is a significant milestone for the industry. After its launch in July 2021, its massive surge in price has made headlines worldwide. Out of the 100 billion HZM Coins initially released, the founders burned 95.55%, leaving 4.5 billion coins, most of which have already been sold. The founders intended to authorize only 4 billion on the market.

The founders of the coin, led by Dr. Mohamed Al Arab, have made sure the platform is easy to use for investors. Additionally, they prioritized transaction safety and security. Blockchain technology and decentralization make buying and selling digital assets with HZM coins secure and convenient.

The HZM coin, in addition to an improved coin, boasts an impressive list of apps/dApps such as utilities, social, sports, fitness, games, metaverse, and more. A promising cryptocurrency with solid fundamentals, HZM is one to keep your eye on.

With its iconic camel symbol, HZM represents a legendary journey, the resiliency, and the endurance necessary to overcome everyday challenges. HZM has evolved much like Bitcoins, undergoing significant revisions and changes along the way.

However, HZM Coin retains some of its humble advantages:

  • A decentralized system: no centralized authority exists; every participant agrees on everything.
  • A pseudo-anonymous service: no personal information is disclosed.
  • Global digital currency: A currency without restrictions on geography, gender, religious beliefs, cultural practices, or politics.

Based on Ethereum's (ERC-20) blockchain, HZM Coin is a decentralized utility token [2]. This coin is designed to make daily transactions easy and convenient for users worldwide, eliminating traditional currency problems. HZM's decentralization effectively erases cryptocurrency trade borders.

With the HZM coin and blockchain technology, the project aims to develop an ecosystem for various economic activities. The team is developing a decentralized exchange, a payment gateway, and a lending platform as part of this project.

A mobile app for buying, selling, and holding HZM coins is also in the works. Furthermore, mobile games that appeal to various generations are ready for download. To give investors a real immersive experience, the team launched a Metaverse in September 2022 –Nemo Land Kingdom [3]. This cryptocurrency coin is one to keep an eye on based on its solid fundamentals and promising roadmap.

The Story of HZM Coin - Here is the Future

HZM represents the integrity and commitment of the company to improve safety and well-being worldwide. Camels symbolize a long journey, recouping your energy and persevering against life's difficulties. Hence the camel emblem on the coin. As a whole, the emblem represents the potential for change in the face of adversity.

The world's leading asset managers, private equity players, and retail investors are propelling stratospheric returns with Hazam- Arabic for 'firmness.' Its record price appreciation since the coin's launch in July 2021 at $0.0006 has taken the global digital asset market by storm.

With HZM, you can buy, sell, and rent cryptocurrencies using the crypto 'Souq' (or marketplace). With this unique marketplace, HZM launched mobile games for multi-generational audiences.

Out of 100 billion HZM Coins originally released, 95.55% were burned, leaving only 4.5 billion coins, of which most have already been sold. Having only 4 billion left on the market was the goal.

Symbolized by the iconic camel, HZM represents a legendary journey, the ability to recoup energy and persevere in facing life's various challenges. It was created for everyday, real-life transactions and global circulation use. As part of the effort to make the coin accessible to as many people as possible, the coin is currently launched on several platforms, as you will see below.

Additionally, the HZM Coin's peer-to-peer decision-making process protects anonymity and improves security so that traders can make more reliable choices than conventional coin transactions. Multiple individuals and locations document transactions. In the end, decentralization makes transactions more accessible and safer by removing third parties [4].

With the HZM token, you can trade cryptos through a crypto 'Souq' (or market). Powered by the HZM Coin, Crypto Souq aims to simplify and secure assets, services, and goods trading.

HZM Coin Technical Details

Token Name: HZM Coin

Token Ticker: HZM Token Platform: Ethereum Blockchain Token Standard:  ERC20

New Smart Contract: 0x069f967be0CA21C7D793D8C343f71e597D9a49b3. A new one has replaced the smart Contract as per the CertiK Audit Report.

Max Supply: 4,450,000,000

Burned: 460,000,000

Total Supply: 3,990,000,000

Old Smart Contract: 0xec1b7eb3d3cfac7027fa60b5376e5eadef4f1300 *

Max Supply: 100 billion

 Burned : 95.55 billion

Total: 4.45 billion

Founders Wallets

Dr. Mohamed Al Arab: 0xeec3695dee85e3bf04007b34820dc0169f309407

Yusuf Haji: 0x50a0248ff24ee55b28835162923d5d0cc4ce2ac8

Fahad Faqeeh: 0xc49c83e8217351026afea8b6e91604417c123843

How Does HZM Coin

Smart Contract V1: Originally releasing 100 billion HZM Coins, the founders chose to burn 95.55%, leaving 4.5 billion coins only, out of which the majority had already sold. Our target is to have only 2 billion coins left on the market.

Smart Contract V2: HZM successfully upgraded its Smart Contract, which is a 1:1 ratio of its previous (V1 4.5 billion coins), burning additional 450,593,816.7 coins from (V2), leaving behind 4.1 billion coins.

HZM Blockchain Technology

HZM Coin runs on Ethereum's blockchain, which encrypts transactions and distributes them across a network to prevent them from being hacked or interfered with. Since there is no single point of contact (typical in computer-based storing systems used by banks), the coin is safer than conventional currencies.

Throughout the Middle East, governments and organizations are implementing blockchain technology as it gains momentum. The Saudi Arabian central bank announced recently that it would expand the use of its digital currency, Aber, beyond the kingdom and the UAE, following a pilot program.

As another industry, Islamic finance is considering blockchain technology due to its significant advantages, according to Moody's Investors Service. The Middle East is currently investigating several ways to implement blockchain in the region to benefit from its potential transformational impact.

As a decentralized blockchain system, HZM Coin distributes information between several different 'decision makers' who must all approve a transaction to proceed. Since no single entity or person has access to all of your information, this method creates a higher level of privacy. Moreover, the process makes information harder to track and, therefore, harder to manipulate.

Using peer-to-peer decision-making, HZM Coin protects anonymity and increases security for its users. A decentralized system allows for safer and easier transactions that third parties do not influence.

Investors around the globe take advantage of the token by making secure and suitable transactions daily. Thanks to blockchain technology, the HZM coin solves the problems associated with standard currencies [5]. With the HZM coin, cryptocurrency traders trade without borders because of decentralization.

Compatibility with the HZM Coin

HZM Coin is compatible with ERC-20. Meaning any blockchain platform and exchange that supports Ethereum can use it. Investors are also assured of stability and security with HZM Coin because of its physical asset backing.

Investors can invest confidently in HZM Coin because the team is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for them. Its founders are confident that the Ethereum blockchain platform associated with this coin will reduce cryptocurrency market volatility. Investing in this coin should be a safe experience for investors.

HZM's Crypto "Souq" Marketplace

On Crypto Souq, you can buy, sell, rent, and buy with cryptocurrencies. The platform uses HZM Coin to facilitate user transactions without relying on a central authority. In addition to offering a wide range of features, Crypto Souq provides a user-friendly and efficient way to use cryptocurrencies in real-world transactions, making it an attractive choice.

Security is a crucial advantage of Crypto Souq. The platform uses cutting-edge security technology to protect users' information and transactions. The data on the forum is also encrypted, meaning only authorized users can access it.

Crypto Souq provides a digital platform for users to exchange value fast, securely, and efficiently, featuring a P2P network that does not require a third party to facilitate transactions. It is easy to navigate Crypto Souq because of its intuitive interface. Furthermore, it accepts credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers as payment methods.

The final advantage of Crypto Souq is its competitive rates, making it an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their digital asset value. Crypto Souq is a great option for an efficient, safe, and secure way to exchange value.

Buying the HZM Coins

HZM Coin is available only on centralized exchanges that the HZM team has approved to protect the coin's integrity and safety. It prevents scams or unknown transactions. Moreover, HZM's founders aim to make it the most transparent cryptocurrency available.

Consequently, the number of wallets and coin holders on Etherscan is lower than in other cryptocurrencies [6]. Most HZM holders hold their tokens through exchanges because they can verify that all tokens are accounted for and that they are not being manipulated. It ultimately leads to more adoption of HZM because investors are more confident in the project.

The following exchanges currently offer the HZM Coin:

  • com
  • WhiteBit
  • BitMart
  • Bitrue
  • BigONE
  • LBank
  • Simplex (you can buy from this exchange using your debit or credit card

Users can use any ERC-20 wallet or wallet that supports HZM coins to store these coins. Its staking algorithm inspires users to keep the coin in their wallets for an extended period, reducing transactions on the blockchain and making it more stable [7].

In addition, the developers created a unique simulation game called "HZM Carrom" to spread the word about the HZM coin. "HZM Carrom" allows players to purchase in-game items with the HZM coin and make strategic decisions for victory.

Users can earn more coins by playing the game, which is an excellent way to promote using HZM coins. For current trading and selling information and price predictions for the HZM Coin, visit any of the below:

HZM information

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko
  • com
  • TX
  • Nomics
  • The Hedger
  • Coincost
  • Live Coin Watch

Price Predictions

  • AMB Crypto
  • CoinArbitrageBot
  • PricePrediction
  • Global Ranking

Is HZM Coin Audited?

Yes. CertiK audited the HZM Coin [8]. This audit focused on the HZM smart contract, which mints and distributes the HZM token. The CertiK team found it "secure and properly implemented."

As an independent confirmation of HZM's security, this is a positive development for the token.

In addition, the audit also revealed that HZM has a solid understanding of blockchain security, proving its commitment to security.

The HZM coin symbolizes the human journey through life and represents perseverance, resiliency, and triumph after facing many challenges. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who value features, it is an attractive investment. Investing in this coin means you understand the long-term benefits and can decide whether to keep or trade the coin.

What the Audit Revealed

HZM coin scored an excellent 80/100 on the Certik Skynet Trust score. Crypto indexes measure a cryptocurrency project's market performance, social sentiment, and relative security.

Regarding safety, the HZM token scores 80/100, while the market and social community scores for the Arab coin stand at 89/100. Identifying the system's key components is the first step in a crypto audit. The process must understand the target system's architecture, scenarios, and critical components.

Threat modeling is a critical phase of blockchain audits, which reveals data spoofing and data tempering and allows for the detection of DDoS attacks [9]. In addition to assessing potential threats, a crypto audit measures how the vulnerabilities are mitigated once they have been found.

HZM Coin's audit focused on the following factors:

  • Analyzing smart contract attack vectors, both common and uncommon.
  • Compliance with best practices and standards when developing code.
  • Ensuring that the contract logic complies with the specifications and intentions of the client.
  • Analyzing how similar smart contracts are structured and implemented by industry leaders.
  • Code-by-code review by an expert.

The results of the security assessments ranged from critical to informational. A few of the security recommendations that have benefited the HZM coin project include the following:

  • Better coding practices and improved source code structure.
  • Add enough unit tests to cover all possible use cases.
  • Improve the readability of each function by adding more comments.
  • Provide higher transparency about privileged activities after the protocol goes live

HZM Camel NFT - The Ability to Bounce Back After Facing Life's Ups and Downs

The Collins dictionary named non-fungible tokens (NFTs) the word of the year for 2021 for their innovative nature. In the Arab world, several artists have joined the NFT craze by creating and selling NFTs. In the Ethereum blockchain, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique and non-replaceable items.

Artists and collectors have the opportunity to sell and buy NFTs in several new markets in the Middle East, including NIFTY Souq. There is also Nuqtah [10], based in Saudi Arabia, and Jumy [11], in the UAE.

Several financial forecasts indicate that digital art has gained mainstream acceptance. Among emerging markets, Emergen Research forecasts a 10.7 percent compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2030 for the global NFT market, which will hit $50.1 billion in 2021 [12].

A new trend appears to be emerging, which looks set to cement the Middle East's leadership role in Web3. With blockchain technology and token-based economics, Web3 is a new internet iteration with decentralization and blockchain technology.

Regional creatives and innovators are no longer satisfied with simply investing overseas. The HZM NFT symbolizes the ability to bounce back after facing life's ups and downs. Explore our unique Camel NFT art collection on OpenSea [13].

Introducing Mejhool - a WEB3-based technology

With Web 3.0, users will have more control over their online identities and data. Developed by HZM coin developers, Mejhool is a Web 3.0 application. With Mejhool, users manage their data and profiles on a decentralized network, providing them with high security.

Since its launch in July 2022, the Mejhool developers have been working hard to improve its features. Mejhool lets you control what you share or how your data is used online. Essentially, this minimizes the chance of accidentally sharing sensitive information on a site you don't wish to visit again.

To make HZM Coin a big success in the crypto industry, the development team has packed the project with features that will make it stand out. The team's dedication to seeing the project through makes it an attractive cryptocurrency investment.

The Metaverse - Nemo Land Kingdom Invasion

Metaverse- the Nemo Land Kingdom, powered by HZM, leads the way in bringing the metaverse to the Arab world. Progress is mainly dependent on a stable blockchain infrastructure.

The metaverse is built on the foundation of Web 3.0. Blockchain technology enables decentralized applications that facilitate the creation of crypto-assets and data economies owned by users. At the core of the metaverse are identities, financial services, and high-speed exchanges. There are millions, if not billions, of people who need access to data, and cryptocurrencies provide that access.

You can buy, develop, rent, or sell virtual lands for profit in the Nemo Land Kingdom [14], the only metaverse in the Arab world. With five different zones, 25 cities, and 4 million lands to choose from, you'll be able to pick an area that fits your business needs. Thanks to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web 3.0 technologies, your land is yours.

HZM Mobile Game Projects

There has been an increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency games incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain elements in recent years. In-game currencies enable HZM games to reward players for their efforts and fit the description based on their design.

The HZM gaming industry is tapping into a huge market with great potential as developers release more mobile games. The number of smartphone owners and users is growing compared to the number of desktop computer users. Mobile device ownership is high in some countries, so play2earn blockchain games capable of engaging players for more extended periods are a good option.

HZM mobile games include:

HZM Basketball is a fun game where users can compete worldwide by keeping an eye on the time and tap to score.

HZM Carrom - With HZM Carrom, you can enjoy the experience of playing with an actual carrom board in a multiplayer setting. Score as much as you can by pocketing the coins & queen, and tournaments are your chance to win HZM Coins!

HZM Camel Run - With HZM Camel Run, users can compete globally against other users. Touch the button to jump, avoid obstacles, and collect powerups and coins while changing lanes.

Camel Sport - Keep track of calories, time, speed, and distance burned with the built-in GPS tracker to see your statistics. Camel Sports allows users to compete online in challenges and choose between free and paid challenges. Upon completing the challenge, participants will receive rewards based on their run/walk time.

HZM Pool - Using HZM Pool, you can play eight-ball pool with others online. With every match, you'll experience real-life pool gaming physics and animation! Get HZM Coins by participating in HZM Pool Tournaments!

HZM City Sky - With HZM CitySky, any user can compete against users worldwide. Watch for obstacles as you swipe left and right to score.

Dropsss - The Dropsss puzzle game is both challenging and fun. It allows you to test your abilities, tilt your device, move the drop, and collect other drops. Take care not to run into obstacles or borders.

HZM Expressway - Using HZM Expressway, users can compete with people around the globe. Keep an eye out for obstacles and swipe left and right to score. The game offers different seasons.

HZM Coin Charity Ethos

Communication has changed since the internet came into existence. The internet allows us to connect globally and democratize information. In hindsight, cryptocurrencies are helping solve some of the world's most significant problems. Some of the world's most desperate and poorest communities benefit from the HZM Coin project.

As a cryptocurrency, HZM Coin stands out from the rest: we're not just a coin but also a public charity entity. To accomplish humanitarian and green goals, technology is the key.

HZM Coin stands in stark contrast to the lucrative world of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), gimmicky tricks to boost valuations, and pump-and-dump systems strategies.

With blockchain technology, we can deliver vital supplies, services, and aid to those in need. Through our work, we can break through the traditional barriers of financial or geo-political limitations.

In honor of Maryam Abdullah Al-Saad, the Maryam Al-Saad Charitable Foundation was established by her sons, acquaintances, and lovers [15]. Founded in March 2006, the foundation uses blockchain technology to promote and fund initiatives such as:

  • Support from the Yousef and Aisha Almoayyed Charity Committee: As part of the cooperation with the Yousef and Aisha Almoayyed Charitable Activities Committee, 50 school bags were delivered on September 5, 2022, to be distributed throughout Bahrain.
  • Charity exhibition: On June 30 and July 1, 2022, new clothes were donated to needy children at the Thanksgiving Hall in Muharraq, thanks to the generosity of a generous donor.
  • Remedial lessons for students of needy families: Since June 10, 2022, Mrs. Lulwa Abu Al-Fath has volunteered to tutor primary school students with learning disabilities at Al-Wafa Kindergarten. 13 students continued the tutoring lessons. The families greatly appreciated Mrs. Lulwa's charitable initiative.
  • Providing electrical appliances: From April to August 2022, the Maryam Al-Saad Charitable Foundation provided 127 electrical appliances to various parts of Bahrain as part of the Azwat Al-Juma project (63 split air conditioners - 10 ovens - 14 washing machines - 1 TV).
  • Pay college fees: Students were guaranteed to pay university fees for the first semester of the academic year 2.23/22.2 from their Friday allowances.
  • School coupons: Al-Surour stores distributed school coupons to 630 students before the start of the school year 2023/2022 due to your contributions to the Friday prayer.

HZM Coin Project Roadmap into the Future

HZM Coin has hit several milestones quickly, including integrating the coin with online gaming platforms and donating to charitable organizations. Below is just a glimpse of what HZM Coin has accomplished so far:

The roadmap Year 2021

January 2021: Planning and Development

July 2021: Launched on WhiteBIT

August 2021: Launched on XT.COM

October 2021: Established the HZM Company in the Cayman Islands.

October 2021: Burn 80 billion HZM – HZM did a burn of 80% (80 billion HZM coins) of the total supply.

November 2021: Burn 15 billion HZM – HZM did another burn of 15% (15 billion HZM coins) of the total supply.

November 2021: Hidd Club Sponsorship (HZM Sponsored Futsal Team).

December 2021: Launched on LBANK

December 2021: Bahrain Club Sponsorship (HZM Sponsored Basketball Team).

December 2021: Launched HZM Basketball Mobile App

December 2021: Launched Crypto Souq Mobile App

The roadmap Year 2022

January 2022: Burn 550 million 0.55% of the total supply

January 2022: HZM – Time Square Ad (HZM was proudly displayed on Reuters Time Square Screens for a week straight).

March 2022: HZM Carrom Mobile App

April 2022: Launched on BitMart

April 2022: Launched on BigONE

April 2022: Launched on DigiFinex

May 2022: Launched the HZM Camel NFT

May 2022: Launched on Simplex

May 2022: Launched on Bitrue

June 2022: CertiK Audit

June 2022: HZM ChicMic Partnership

June 2022: Smart Contract Upgrade: New address of the HZM contract is: 0x069f967be0ca21c7d793d8c343f71e597d9a49b3

June 2022: BitMart & CertiK Consensus Party Sponsorship

June 2022: CertiK KYC – A CertiK KYC badge (a "Badge") is issued upon completion of the "know your customers (KYC)" vetting process

July 2022: Burn 200 million HZM – HZM did burn 200 million of the total supply

July 2022: HZM Fund for Educational Support – HZM has launched a 50 million HZM Coin fund for future generations. Wallet Address: 0xbeaf6a6c1641c27ce2f8ca5d63cf05d8f5b5a301

July 2022: Burn 100 million HZM – HZM did burn 100 million of the total supply

July 2022: HZM Camel Run

July 2022: Camel Sports Mobile App

August 2022: Burn 50 million HZM million did burn 50 million of the total supply.

August 2022: HZM Pool

August 2022: HZM Dropsss

August 2022: HZM City Sky

September 2022: Burn 100 million HZM – HZM did burn 100 million of the total supply

September 2022: HZM Expressway

September 2022: Burn 10 million HZM – HZM did burn 10 million of the total supply.

September 2022: HZM Metaverse

September 2022: Charity Donation Portal https://www.maryamcharity.com/

October 2022: Burn 20 million HZM – HZM did burn 20 million of the total supply.

October 2022: Burn 30 million HZM – DONE HZM did burn 30 million of the total supply

October 2022: Mejhool Social Application – In Progress

December 2023: Future Plans (HZM Wallet, HZM Payment Gateway)

HZM Coin - Invest in the Future of Currency

Since its release in July, HZM cryptocurrency has made headlines worldwide because of its massive price surge. Using blockchain technology and the HZM coin, the project aims to build an ecosystem for various economic activities.

The projects the team is working on are a decentralized exchange, a lending platform, and a payment gateway. Additionally, the founders plan to develop a mobile app that allows users to purchase, sell, and store HZM coins. With the release of various multi-generational mobile games, the HZM Coin project has the potential to solve problems associated with hyperinflation, poverty, unemployment, lack of access to banking, and lack of capital.

Participation in the global economy can help Arabian countries escape poverty. Blockchain will give everyone access to modern banking and financial services worldwide as a counterpart to cryptocurrencies.

The world's poor can gain access to global markets using cryptocurrency and mobile phones. With its promising roadmap built around solid fundamentals, the HZM coin is one to watch out for in cryptocurrency.


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